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@ 2018 Sean Connolly

About Sean Connolly 

Performance Consultant and Speaker 

Sean Connolly is a man of vision, versatility and insight, whose love for teaching is contagious.

Real life problem solving in his field have been his classroom and how to experience  results have been his curriculum.

A captivating thinker, Global Public Speaker and author with a compelling message, he combines the dynamics of energy, wit and inspiration with a meaningful blueprint for life in the 21st century.

His direct method of working with no frills or false promises in a world gone mad with motivational Guru's is a breath of fresh air.


His work is the result of many years of research and first hand experience in the field of Human Performance.

As an educator and coach Sean shares his deep knowledge, discoveries and insights about shifting the paradigm of personal and professional effectiveness.







David Geaney


Britain's Got Talent Finalist 

"After I won my second World Championships in 2006, I went into a downward spiral in my dancing. I was no longer driven nor in any mental state to challenge. My competition were training harder than ever and as a result passed me out. For three years I moved further down the line and eventually at 16 years of age realised I needed help and went to Sean Connolly.  I was on the verge of quitting Irish dancing but Sean helped me and gave me tips in just a single session with him that I continue to use today in all walks of life. His simple key messages changed my approach to competition and helped me fulfil my natural talent potential and eventually win my final 3 world titles. I credit him hugely for changing my outcome in Irish dancing and for helping me fulfil dreams today. I genuinely believe you can beat every element in the right frame of mind. And there's nobody better to learn that from, than the main man himself, Sean Connolly. David Geaney.

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Fionnuala Sherry

Irish Violinist and Vocalist

" My concert and recording career was deemed over last February as a result of a serious fall which resulted in two broken arms. 3 operations and months of rehab later I was mostly physically fixed but recognized that mentally I had also suffered terribly. My confidence was gone and I was unsure if the new technique of playing that I had to develop as a result of the breaks would stand to me on front of a live audience. Sean Connolly was introduced to me and he worked on a program leading up to the final days of preparation for the concerts. His technique knowledge and support were truly amazing. He ignited the heart and passion of performing again for me, he gave me the coping tools to handle the stress and the mind numbing stage fright that I normally suffer from and most importantly he elevated the "game" for me. The result was that despite such a huge set back I delivered 3 of the best performances of my career at the end of August, and thankfully they were filmed and will be released as a live audio CD and DVD. This only after 7 months! Sean has the ability to understand, to zone in and bring out the best of anyone's individual talent. I am truly grateful that he was there to mentor me through this very challenging time, as part of whatever we do is governed by our mental state of mind. He is the ultimate performance enhancer!"

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Martin Rogin

Heavyweight Champion 

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As a Fighter I need to have all my tools to win not just my hands, but myself belief, Mental state correct, I worked with Sean and his confident building program over several different occasions and it was so good the first time it led me to victory in The first ever Prize Fighter on Sky Sports, I returned again needless to say and have victory over Olympic Gold Medalists Audley Harrsion, and Matt Skelton for me to become Commonwealth Champion, I am now returning to the ring after injury for a year and without a doubt calling on Sean for his fantastic sports psychology to help me get back to were i unfortunately left off many thanks to Sean.