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The ultimate course for self improvement for better health, wealth and happiness


Professional support and skills developed to enhance your personal performance. 

Experience untapped resources that will help maintain your mental and physical health enabling you to enjoy your life, sport and career goals.

Learn how to access the 88% of your subconscious mind.


Stage one addresses self confidence in personal and professional development. During this stage, we look at your life and find areas that you feel could be improved. We also identify obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving your personal or professional goals.

This stage is vital to open your mind to look at what you truly want in life and what is stopping you from getting there. We look at the impact of self doubt and fear on our self improvement journey, and we examine the origins of self confidence and how we can access this in difficult situations when we need it most.



Stage two is all about self motivation. Many people rely on outside forces for motivation, be it a boss, partner, family or friends. While these elements of motivation are useful, self motivation is essential for endurance to keep going and growing as an individual. If the feeling of motivation is not present for personal goals, then the effort will not be there, and the individual will not complete the task to their full ability. That is of course if they complete it at all.

When you know what moves you, then you can move yourself.  If we leave this important feeling in the hands of others then there is the danger of blaming others when we do not gain the results we are capable of, or even finish what we started. Motivation is the fuel that drives us towards that end result, especially when the resistance is present in the form of stress, change or fear of loss.


Stage three looks at strategies that work best for us as individuals and also what others have to offer.

A lot of people are successful at achieving and mastering many skills in life. But when that individual is asked to move towards a new skill or goal, they become confused stressed or lose confidence in themselves and begin to question their ability to finish the job. This can instill a new self belief that they are not capable of handling new or important tasks.


Stage four takes a look into obstacles that can hold you back from progressing as an individual. These obstacles are external, such as unforeseen circumstances in ones life and other peoples actions. Internal obstacles are beliefs, core values, self perception and how are brain's store pictures as well as internal dialogue.

It is believed that 70% of our beliefs have been programmed into our minds by parents, peers and past experiences. Some are great, and some will limit our progression. We must learn how to weed out the self limiting beliefs that are stopping them experiencing their full potential.


Stage five looks at how you can work with the part of our mind that works behind the everyday analytical mind in a fun way. This mind has been referred to as the sub or unconscious mind. This part of the mind controls our emotions as well as irrational behavior. During this stage, I teach you mind games to train your subconscious.


"This was the best session I have ever experienced for making me feel positive and motivated-just great. All the staff came out with their heads up, a smile and a can do attitude! I can't recommend Sean highly enough to any organisation that wants to improve morale and energy."

Dr Carolyn Mason, Director,Royal college of nursing NI.

“Sean Connolly‟s keynote address to the Chief Executives‟ Club at Queen‟s was inspirational. He highlighted the ability of business and public and voluntary sector leaders to realise their full potential and share such insight and techniques within their organisations. Feedback from the event has been outstanding with many highly valuing the learning and „tools for life‟ they were able to take away from the evening”

Stephen McGowan, Coordinator, e Chief Executives’ Club at Queen’s


‘Mr Connolly has developed a stress management programme, which includes a wide range of techniques and approaches, allowing him to help a wide range of people. Stress is part of everyday life in our society and its effects can be life threatening, reducing its impact has benefits to multiple body systems. The immune system is particularly susceptible to impairment by stress and protecting it by safe non- invasive means is likely to be of very significant benefit. I have no hesitation in recommending both the Tools For Life programme and his stress management programme.'

Dr William C Loan MB BCh FRCS FRCR (Consultant Interventional Radiologist)



Sean was recognisable to most of the audience from his recent appearance on the Stephen Nolan BBC1 Program 'Mission Employable'. Recognising the significant 'Change Reform' in the public sector, Sean engaged the audience by practically interacting on how we respond to change and how we can positively engage and adapt. Sean certainly left the audience asking challenging questions of themselves and with a more confident and positive outlook.

Chartered Accountants in Business Public Sector Sub Group


“Sean's down to earth approach was appreciated by my Management Team who have heard many motivational speakers over the last ten years. Many of the team thought his „keep it simple' approach coupled with his in-depth knowledge of how the mind and body work together was very motivational.”

Bernard Rooney. Bank of Ireland

‘Sean spoke at a recent away day for staff and the feedback was very positive. Sean reminded us of many points of common sense so easily forgotten or applied in the course of everyday life.'

John Buchanan, Chief Local Government Auditor, N Ireland Audit

'After a severe crash at Mondello Park, I needed to focus and concentrate on my forthcoming Northwest 200. Sean taught me techniques and con dence building exercises that I am in no doubt helped me feel mentally strong and focused for the remainder of the 2009 season ahead which I am very much looking forward to.'

Denver Robb, Twice Irish Motorcycle road race Champion 1000cc

As a Fighter I need to have all my tools to win not just my hands, but myself belief, Mental state correct, I worked with Sean and his con dent building program over several different occasions and it was so good the rst time it led me to victory in e rst ever Prize Fighter on Sky Sports, I returned again needless to say and have victory over Olympic Gold Medalists Audley Harrsion, and Matt Skelton for me to become Commonwealth Champion, I am now returning to the ring after injury for a year and without a doubt calling on Sean for his fantastic sports psychology to help me get back to where i unfortunately left off many thanks to Sean.

Martin Rogan Professional Heavyweight Boxer:

The self esteem and confidence session Sean gave was very enlightening and allowed me to focus and bring forth my ability without dwelling on anyone who is present or how they are shooting.
The motivation session reinforced why I choose archery as my sport, and the core stability exercises Sean taught were very impressive and informative, and something I will be applying in the future.
Kevin Bloomfield
N Ireland Archery senior team manager.

Instonians RFC used the services of Sean Connolly to help the squad with the mental side of sport. is included how to motivate yourself to succeed, how to cope with the pressures building up to a game and how give 100% during the game.
Sean brought many new ideas to the squad which we found different, thought provoking and helpful. With Sean's help we gained promotion to division 2 of the All Ireland League.

Next year we will certainly develop further the techniques that Sean showed us to help us meet the new challenge of Division 2 of the All Ireland league.

Ken keane Manager