Are you a retired dancer or coach who is searching for a new chapter in your life?

A chapter that involves helping others evolve by removing obstacles and limiting beliefs from their lives?


How would you feel about a career that involves empowering performing Artists to unleash the best of themselves, not just on stage but in all aspects of their lives?

Help enhance their education, relationships, emotional wellbeing, self esteem and career.


Tools that will enable them to build and develop better results in all aspects of their life implemented through your “Dancing Minds” workshops.

A unique workshop with evidence based results and techniques that can be catered to all levels and ages of dancers and Performing Artists for maximum personal results .


Could you imagine yourself in  a career that involves  changing lives through Dance and Performing Arts?


It is a fact that many those involved in the performing Arts feel a great void in their life when they finally retire.


After a life of dedicated hard work, sacrifice, dedication, travel, building relationships globally and the excitement of performing on stage, suddenly there is a massive change accompanied by a feeling of loss.


Loss of recognition, achievement and being a part of something bigger than the self.


Many former dancers, musicians, actors and singers just fade into society allowing their hard earned skills, passion and resources to fall away over time.


Now there is the option for them to help others in the dance world and rekindle that essential motivation, achievement and a sense of life purpose.


Many of those who fail to replace this feeling of emptiness with a new skill or career that gives similar benefits and challenges can fall into emotional health problems that disrupt their everyday functioning and happiness.







Sean Connolly was the world's first performance coach to study the minds of the champions in Irish Dancing.

Author of 2 best selling Irish dance books, “Dancing minds” advice from the masters of dance and “The Little book of inspiration of Irish Dancing”

Sean has for the past 20 yrs taken this specific knowledge alongside his own work of 30 yrs in the human development field and taught over 15,000 Dancers alongside their teachers globally on how to unleash their full potential.




Now for the very first time Sean has decided to teach his full program to would be coaches interested in a career that involves helping those within the world of dance and stage arts to evolve into that wonderful passionate performer they trained to be.


Sean has taken advanced psychology as well as applied psychology and simplified it so that even a child can apply it for results.






Develop a new sense of purpose and the excitement of delivering empowerment skills to others

Possess a program than can help build you, as well as others.

Earn a great living by helping others feel great.

Meet and influence new people from around the globe

Possess some of the most powerful self development exercises ever devised.

Witness dancers performance progress in front of your eyes

Get to help dancers replace stage fear, anxiety and a low self worth with self acceptance, self belief and inspiration




Passionate about helping others overcome their hardships and pain.

This is vital for this type of work.

If you do not have the real intention for helping another or a true belief in that individuals ability to overcome their limits they will sense this lack of apathy and belief in them.




For many years now , Seán Connolly has travelled the world offering workshops to dancers and teachers. I have been fortunate enough to work with Sean, both in my professional capacity as a lecturer in dance at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick, where he gave seminars to our undergraduate and postgraduate students, and in my second calling as an Irish dance teacher with Scoil Uí Ruairc, where he helped our students with the motivational element of their dancing journey.


Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain Uí Ruairc Ph.D. A.D.C.R.G


Sean helps me to get in the zone and calm down right when the nerves kick in before a major Irish dance competition. It's so important to be in the right frame of mind and I notice the difference between when I have been practicing everything Sean has taught me and when I haven't. It's the difference between having a good day at dancing and a bad one or a good feis day and a bad one. A lot of how we dance or even think we can dance is just in our heads and we can stop ourselves from being at our best if our mindset isn't good. For me personally it really makes all the difference between just getting up and dancing and putting on a performance with that extra spark for everyone. And my teachers can definitely tell the difference!

Shannon Bradley 8 X World Champion.



When I first went to Sean I didn't know much about the mental side of Irish dancing, it was always about practice, practice, practice. But the truth is it's more about your mental approach to training than the actual training. I was on the verge of quitting Irish dancing but Sean helped me and gave me tips in just a single session with him that I continue to use today in all walks of life. His simple key messages changed my approach to Irish dance competition and helped me fulfill my natural talent potential and eventually win my final 3 world titles. I credit him hugely for changing my outcome in Irish dancing and for helping me fulfill dreams today. In a time where dancing is moving from a hobby to a sport on the level of Olympians, mental preparation and practice is key. I genuinely believe you can beat every element in the right frame of mind. And there's nobody better to learn that from, than the main man himself, Sean Connolly.


​David Geaney

5X World Irish Dance Champion and semi finalist in Britain's Got Talent



After 9 yrs of uncontrollable nerves preventing me being my best at the world championships I took part in one of Sean's sessions. I used the mental tools he gave me and won the world title on my 10th attempt and turned professional. I am now one of the lead dancers in Lord of the dance.

Sarah Lennon TCRG.

" Sean's work helps one to strive to be the best they can be through self belief and being positive. We would all lead a richer life if exposed to these methods"

Breandan De Gallai, Former lead dancer in River Dance, RTE presenter and choreographer.

Sean Connolly came into my life & changed my outlook on everything. From that day on, I won every single World Title I competed in after that - Resulting in 6 World Titles total. It’s like there was a switch in my head that needed to be clicked the morning of a competition, & the only person who knew how to access that, was indeed, Sean himself. Sean genuinely had the most amazing positive effect on my dance career, & without the guidance he gave me that day in his workshop, I really don’t know would I have coped with the amount of pressure that was on me, year after year. For that, I’ll always be eternally grateful & I can never thank him enough for helping me become a stronger person & helping me reach my full potential as a dancer competitively & even to this day as a Professional. We all have our bad days mentally, but now I know how to change that in one simple way


John Lonergan 6x world champion