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Offering specialist coaching and support for businesses, athletes and individuals through live and online sessions.

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Courses & Services

Get the results you need, by following a simple powerful process.

A unique program born from 30 yrs experience and knowledge from work designed to maintain and enhance human performance. 

Performance Coaching

Coaching for Students, Performing Artists and Athletes looking to improve their ability to perform under challenging circumstances.

Personal Coaching

Coaching and supporting you on your journey to self discovery, true purpose and success.


Hello and welcome to Seán Connolly.info.  

Everything I offer you on this site is designed to help you with transformation, not just to give you information.

Information is a start, but transformation only takes place when you actively take part in exercises designed to change your beliefs, habits and feelings as a part of the process.

My work is designed to guide and develop you to improve and become the best version of yourself. Only then can you get the best results and achieve the life you deserve. A new self confidence, self drive or the ability to change your state and form new habits.


In two words. HIS EXPERIENCE!​


Sean's work is the result of a lifetime in self development.

From growing up during the troubles of N Ireland and leaving school with no education he survived bullies who broke his cheekbone by throwing himself into the tough world of Boxing and Martial Arts for self preservation.

It was here Sean decided to get back into education to further his Martial Arts knowledge through Chinese medicine and physiotherapy which led him into therapies involving Psychology and Hypnotherapy.

A global speaker, author, and performance coach for athletes and businesses he has truly walked the talk. From teaching his methods to students in sports and Universities on a global scale as well as working as a mentor and consultant to other coaches.


What People Say

Royal college of Nursing

Dr Carolyn Mason, Director,Royal college of nursing NI.

"This was the best session I have ever experienced for making me feel positive and motivated-just great. All the staff came out with their heads up, a smile and a can do attitude! I cant recommend Sean highly enough to any organisation that wants to improve morale and energy."

Chief Executive Club 

Stephen McGowan, Coordinator,
The Chief Executives’ Club at Queen’s


“Sean Connolly‟s keynote address to the Chief Executives‟ Club at Queen‟s was inspirational. He highlighted the ability of business and public and voluntary sector leaders to realise their full potential and share such insight and techniques within their organisations. Feedback from the event has been outstanding with many highly valuing the learning and „tools for life‟ they were able to take away from the evening”


Dr William C Loan MB BCh FRCS FRCR (Consultant Interventional Radiologist)

‘Mr Connolly has developed a stress management programme, which includes a wide range of techniques and approaches, allowing him to help a wide range of people. Stress is part of every day life in our society and its effects can be life threatening, reducing its impact has benefits to multiple body systems. The immune system is particularly susceptible to impairment by stress and protecting it by safe non-invasive means is likely to be of very significant benefit. I have no hesitation in recommending both the Tools For Life programme and his stress management programme.'


For contact queries or bookings feel free to message Sean using the form below, if you are requesting further support in the form of bookings and/or services please make this noted in the message field including listing your phone and email and Sean will be back in touch with you as soon as possible. 


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Tools for Life


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