Rediscovery Retreats:


Your opportunity to rediscover the freedom, happiness and intuitive intelligence that helps us achieve more balance in life.


Join one of the world's leading performance coaches in the beautiful settings of the Mourne Mountains

for 2 days of transformation and relaxation.


Self empowerment means just that, from the self. Our power is always within us, and should never be left in the hands of others.

These retreats are specifically designed to give you the practical tools to enhance a variety of aspects of your life, backed with the scientific evidence to support them.

By applying these strategies you will not only increase your happiness in life but also significantly increase the chances of being more successful in whatever you decide to do.

Our desire for possession is based upon our aspiration for greater happiness.

In our effort to possess, you will discover that the thing you most need is to consistently “Be” your best self.


For over 2 decades Sean Connolly's work has been coaching others to be their best enhancing their lives and careers throughout the world via his workshops.

His step by step program will help you develop a dynamic self image through empowering actions and exercises as well as significantly increase the amount of joy and success you can get from whatever you decide to do.

Sean's Retreat work can move you from the wishing, hoping and undependable techniques to the realm of predictable positive results in all aspects of your personal performance and career.

Building a strong self image, emotional mastery and mental resilience with results easier and faster than you have experienced in the past are just some of the powerful side effects of Sean's program.

You will learn how to unlock the great untapped reserves of potential that lie deep within you.

By practicing the exercises that accompany each section of the course you will get results out of all proportion to the effort that you put in.

You will have the ability to propel your whole life into a high road of success, achievement and greater happiness.

Rediscovery 2 day Retreat