The dancing minds workshop for dancers was born from the work of dance psychologist Sean Connolly who has been teaching his methods to many of the top dancers and teachers in the world for the past 16 yrs.

After 30 years in musculo-skeletal therapies designed for maintaining physical health Sean began his studies in the field of psychology after observing those who were at their peak in physical preparation and following a sound nutritional plan, breaking down mentally on the day of competition.

Many great dancers who have been practicing for over 10 yrs still suffer irrational fear or anxiety, becoming sick, forgetting their steps and loosing balance/timing.


The dancingminds workshop includes dancing and exercise so that progression can be assessed on the day.


Part 1

Where are you know in your performance, self belief and confidence levels?

How do you perform under pressure?

How to inject confidence into the performance through applied psychology.

Increasing strength,timing and posture through the mind.

Can we get rid of fear and worry at big competitions?


Part 2

A look at why many fit dancers run out of energy before the end of the dance.

A look at the effect of emotions on physical endurance.

How to stop enduring and start enjoying competitions and performing with passion on stage.


Part 3

Building power, flexibility, balance and endurance all in one routine without equipment just creativity.

A lesson on the foundation of class group acupressure massage with safe harmonic traction techniques for mobility in the hip, knee and lower spine joints. This is to help with recovery after hard training sessions, injury prevention and team building.


Part 4

Uncovering hidden obstacles to success.

Here we look at internal and external obstacles that prevent up from becoming the best person we can be in dancing and life in general.

Performance Enhancement for Dance/Art



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