A personal online mentoring educational and coaching program designed to remove your psychological and emotional blocks to abundance in health, wealth, relationships and happiness. 


Master your emotions to empower your life by removing self doubt, fear and confusion.

Learn to control those negative habits that sabotage your potential.

Understand the difference from setting real goals that resonate with your self and those we are influenced into setting.

Increase your body's energy levels and boost your immune sytem.

Improve your relationships with others and partners as well as that relationship with yourself.

Learn simple, powerful methods that will teach you how to to generate feelings of confidence, courage, acceptance and inner peace at will.

Learn the modern science and modern techniques behind the ancient secret methods of using the Heart's intellegence. 


This 12 week personal mentoring program will be carried out via live webcam sessions and supported by recordings and written content.


Testimonials regarding the benefits of the emotional release technique

Release Technique will dramatically improve your profits and your performance levels. It enables you to rid yourself of any negative emotions easily and painlessly and puts you in touch with your most successful self. It’s like a positive energy two-by-four between the eyes.

-Dr. Alexander Loyd, N.D., Ph.D Bestselling author of The Healing Code


An effective tool for getting rid of the ‘victim’ mentality. Instead of giving away our power to others, this release technique encourages us to look inside and take control of our own experiences of life. That's powerful!"

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and Embracing Uncertainty


“The Release Technique is a highly effective tool for verifiably eliminating the subconscious blocks that keep you from attracting what you want out of life.

JOE VITALE Bestselling author of “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”


A vastly accelerated way of letting go of feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy, anxiety, stress, and fear, as well as many other problems even physical pain with which almost everybody struggles at one time or another."

Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of the #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul and the author of The Success Principles:


How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

A practical, wise and proven formula for emotional and mental freedom to experience the joy and pleasure of simply being alive.”

John Gray, Ph.D., Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


"Just as Kabbalah teaches us the basic spiritual laws of our existence, the release technique looks far beyond the mere symptoms of emotional negativity to emotional freedom and mastery. If you want to fundamentally change your life for the better in the shortest possible time, start using The Release Method today."

Yehuda Berg, Author of The 72 Names of God


“A breakthrough technique in terms of realizing your goals and dreams and living a life that is richer, more meaningful and much more enjoyable. And all without having to work so damn hard at it!”

Robert Kriegel, Ph.D., NY Times best-selling author of If It Ain't Broke-Break it! And How to Succeed in Business Without Having to Work so Damn Hard

Unleashing Your True Potential