The journey of Self Discovery Videos and workbook

The greatest power any of us can possess is that of self knowledge.
Those who possess self knowledge reap the rewards of self belief and a sound self esteem to carry throughout their life.
Those who have no self knowledge walk through life confused, seeking recognition from others, rejecting opportunities presented to them and always feeling anxious. 
In this video series Sean Connolly will start you off on that journey of self discovery and teach you simple yet powerful "Tools" to help you on that path.
This video series comes with a workbook.



This is a very unique set of 4 exercises designed to maintain a strong resilient mind whilst increasing feelings of wellbeing and overall health.

Chi Gung ( Breath, life force work) is an ancient practice from Asia that has survived for thousands of years because of it's many benefits to health and wellbeing of mind and body.

Sean has been a practitioner for 25 yrs and has developed his own unique exercises of training the emotional mind in life skills with the basic breathing exercises that combine breath, body and mind.

The deep breathing causes the brain waves to drop into an alpha state where the sub conscious emotional mind is more susceptible to suggestions.

The benefits of Chi Gung on physical health is well documented on the internet through countless medical studies. Now with Sean's specific meditations they have become even more powerful.

The journey of Self Discovery Videos and workbook

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